Day 55 – Knoxie-ty

February 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

It's Day 51 of 365 Days of Female MC's you've probably never heard of! You've
been introduced to over 50 MC's so far (some of my posts have had multiple
female MC's included). So, imagine how many more are out there. I will say, from
my experience as an MC there are many obstacles in the way when you are a woman
in music. It's easy to marginalized yourself when you have been marginalized by
others for so long. You may notice that many female MC's speak to being female.
I see this in a couple ways. 1. It is a response to how we are treated as female
MC's. 2. The female story is often told by men in hip hop with women present but
not speaking. Who doesn't want to hear the story direct from the source? Well,
it seems like maybe people don't want it from the source. Why? Do we
value male voices over female voices? Male creative expression over female? Are
we just used to the male voice and have not had to access or exposure to enough
of the female voice to understand the perspectives a woman expresses?

Today's pick is Knoxie-ty.

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