Day 56 – Steph Pockets

February 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I always find it a little funny that people mention the death of the female MC, the lack of female in hip hop when women clearly participate in hip hop. Obviously, these are some of the reasons I’ve decided to dedicate my year to exposing people to female artsists that they’ve probably never heard of. Just because there is a lack of female presence in popular hip hop does not mean we don’t exist.

The existence of women in mainstream hip hop is also stifled for many reasons and one of the reasons on the top of that list is that women simply aren’t allowed to be themselves. They must be a product and unfortunately women seem to dominantly represent sex and sexuality. This would be fine if that wasn’t our soul image or one that was being exploited to the Nth degree. There is pressure in the spot light and I think that the demands are unrealistic for anyone these days.

I feel like many female MC’s would rather take their own route and have the luxury of decided their path over giving up themselves for fame.

For today, we head to Tokyo with artist Steph Pockets from Philly.


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