Day 61 – Felicia Loud of Black Stax

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ah, I go astray once more with this one by throwing a singer in the mix. This next artist is from Seattle and is part of a group called Black Stax. They have numerous videos up on you tube you can check out. I chose this video/song for a few reasons. First, the song is just fresh and i think, no I’m sure it will make you feel good. Secondly, it got me thinking about the trend of women singing hooks in hip hop. I suppose it’s not really a trend because it’s been happening the whole time. I have heard women talk about not wanting to be “used” to sing the hooks of rap songs but I have a different perspective. I feel that melody and harmony are needed. The female voice along side the male voice adds dimension. I don’t feel that it is a compromise for a woman to sing a hook unless it’s a subject matter you don’t agree with.

I think the bigger problem in music is that women often compromise their minds and bodies for fame or recognition. When you think about women in hip hop specifically you notice that almost every successful female rapper in the business is attached to a male as if the male legitimizes her. But lying just beneath this is a certain ownership of the woman. There’s typically only one woman in a crew and the idea of uniqueness for her is based in the fact that she is a women. She’s not unique because of her contribution or style.

I remember coming up and working with producers who had everything BUT music in mind when working with me. I had to walk away from a couple “opportunities” because I was not taken seriously as an artist. I know there are women in the game who had to get in the door through a man and many of them have had to deal with the compromise of their bodies in the process.

So, I say if you wanna sing that hook, sing it. If you wanna rap, do it. Don’t let someone take advantage of you because of your desire to succeed. You can make it happen without compromising yourself.


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