Day 68 – Bless Roxwell

March 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

A lot of you know about B-Girl Be and as one of the founders I have strong opinions on the access to space for women to tell their stories. I feel strongly that women should be telling these stories whenever and where ever possible. When you are silent you become invisible and your needs will not be met.

I also know that we need each other and we must continue to build bridges and networks with each other to broaden visibility for ourselves. For me, this is not about a division from men or a lessening of what men have done and are still doing in hip hop but it is an attempt to shine light on PEOPLE who do not get the same courtesy, respect and value put on their offerings.

This next artist is known as Bless Roxwell. I originally ran across her on Twitter. There is a huge network of female MC’s on twitter and the access it creates is amazing. If we can realize the possibilities that lie within these tools of social media I do believe we could change many things. We just have to decide to do it.

I’m posting two videos of Bless so you can get to know her. She also has a blog you should check out here.


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