Day 100 – All The Ladies Say (documentary)

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

The double 8 is infinity so today I’ve decided to celebrate the B-Girl who represents constant motion. Yes, I am once again taking liberties on my 365 Days of Female MC’s You’ve Probably Never Heard of to introduce you to some B-Girls that you should know. This documentary comes from living legend B-Girl Rokafella and yes, I’m going to brag for a minute here about MN and B-Girl Be. The first time all these ladies came together as at B-Girl Be in Minneapolis. Much of the documentary “All The Ladies Say” was shot in Minneapolis at B-Girl Be. Everyone you see in the trailer has been to B-Girl Be, most of them have been here numerous times. You can check out more about the project at All The Ladies Say. The movement is alive and Minneapolis/B-Girl Be is a big part of the action. The creation and action of B-Girl Be created inspiration around the world and more female Hip Hop celebrations were birthed because of B-Girl Be’s influence.

Check out the trailier (there’s a brief cameo from NYC’s legendary Graf Writer Lady Pink – who has also presented work at B-Girl Be)



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