Spoken Word

Before moving to the Twin Cities (1996) my music was centered on Hip Hop and R&B and was heavily influenced by mainstream artists.  When I moved to Minneapolis I found that the Twin Cities Hip Hop scene was a difficult place to get my foot in the door.  I stumbled upon the art of spoken word as an outlet for my lyrical expression and became well known as a spoken word artist. The exposure I gained won me 5 MN Music Awards and 3 Urban Griots Awards. The success also allowed me to come back to my true love…Hip Hop.

The spoken word that I write is directly influenced by Hip Hop and carries many of the same elements of rhyme, pattern, hook & delivery.
Released November 2009

Miss America by Desdamona

Rhythm’s Heart by Desdamona

Don’t Listen To The Lyrics by Desdamona

R.Hythm A.Nd P.Oetry by Desdamona

Published in Industry Magazine, June/July 2005

R.Hythm A.Nd P.Oetry by Desdamona


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  • Quentin Moore says:

    Hi Des! I hope all is well… I just wanted to share a couple poems with you today. Have a great weekend. Let me know your thoughts.

    Take Care,

    Fast Food Loving

    My life as a single man
    Very much like fast food
    Prepped quickly
    Prepared faster
    Digested slowly
    Heavy on my mind
    And waistline
    Greasy and slick
    Never lasting
    Well until the next trip
    Oh how I enjoy
    Your sweet home cooking.

    Ego Driven

    This is ego speaking
    Please excuse the man
    This is ego strutting
    Please pardon the human
    Release him from his cage
    Before it swallows his key
    This is ego flirting
    Please excuse the man
    This is ego fucking
    Please pardon the human
    Release it from the mind
    And let his heart run free
    This is ego stunting
    Please excuse the man
    This is ego flossing
    Please pardon the human
    His aim is to inspire
    For it just wants to shine
    This is ego driven
    Please excuse the man
    This is ego written
    Please pardon the human
    For it will be the life of his ills
    And the death to his thrills
    As the hearse travels black-wards
    The casket avoids to be filled.

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