“Too Big For My Skin” by Desdamona

 Too Big For My Skin by Desdamona

My momma never told a lie, she couldn’t when the truth was clear
Through stretch marks and crow’s feet, the truth is what she told me
Not through words, but through the curve of her hips
The gleam in her eyes… the memories on her lips
She, is so beautiful, that her skin can’t even keep her concealed
She is so beautiful, that in her early days
she carried another life inside her, manifested the fire
Sending her existance higher
She has tracks on her breasts, stretched and pressed
from days where there was no time to rest
And she gave birth to my dreams, unselfishly
Because her she could not see
She never told me how to live, she showed me
She showed me the moon, sun and stars in her belly
She showed me the dirt on the soles of her feet
Cracked and worn into painfully beautiful designs
Marking her travels… and mine
And my spirit, dances in her eyes
And no matter how far I try to run, there inside I will reside
And when she flies, part of me will die
Lifeline stretched like the marks on belly and breast
And I will, strive to survive with the rest
Imitating her breath
Rhythms resumed inside hardheaded womb and she whispers to me in my dreams
that things aren’t always what they seem
She tells me that I am things I cannot conceive
And she tells me that my hips, could never be too big
And that those stretch marks don’t mean a thing
She said – that’s just your flesh trying to sing!
She says, don’t ever let someone try to take what is within
And if they tell you you’re too big for a woman
Tell them – you’re just too big for your skin 

Tell them, a body, just can’t hold all this beauty
Tell them, they only wish they had hills and valleys like the Earth
They can criticize, but they will never give birth
to the love that rests in your breast
They will never see the life in your hands
And you can never, expect them to understand
Too big for your skin she says, too big for this Earth
Too big for anyone to ever to turn your worth
Lips like peaches, plump nectar sweet
When your belly shakes with laughter it sends earthquakes and tremors
Keeping time with your heart, beats arms like ivy
Twisting, taking it all into your hands
Fingertips like matches, setting flame to all you touch
They may try to call you a witch
Because they cannot grasp the magic you posess
And they cannot even begin to imagine the tenderness of your caress
Your memory, expands past what your eyes can see
And you can use this knowledge to set you free
You, are, too, big, for, your, skin
Not too skinny, too fat, too ugly, too pretty
Too white, too black, she says
You, are too big for your skin
And honey, there ain’t one thing bad about that



§ 4 Responses to “Too Big For My Skin” by Desdamona

  • This is such an amazing poem!

    • Desdamona says:

      Thank you so much! I apologize for not seeing this and responding sooner. I took a long break from the blog but I’m back and hope to keep it updated regularly. I appreciate you taking the time to not only read the poem but even just coming to my blog and leaving a message. Much love. -desdamona

  • blainekupris says:

    Amazing poem and message…..I found your blog because of your song “The Comeback” what an amazing song!!! I’m definitely a new fan!!!

    • Desdamona says:

      Thanks for coming to my blog. I had taken a long break from it and didn’t see your message until today. I hope to keep adding things more regularly. I appreciate you checking it out and leaving a comment. peace, desdamona

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